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May 3

Why CEOs Need an Investment Banker When Raising Capital

For many business owners, engaging an investment banker or M&A advisor when selling their business is a no-brainer. : There are five main benefits of engaging a banker. Structure. The banker can assess the company’s strategy and financials to determine what capital is necessary, and how much service (interest, amortization, dividends) can be sustained. The […]
May 3

Advantages of Debt Financing

Ownership Stays With You If you have followed the TV show Shark Tank, then you’re familiar with the haggling process after the business owner’s pitch, in which investors offer (and adjust their offers) for upfront capital in exchange for equity (check out a sample deal negotiation with inflatable pad manufacturer, Windcatcher). While the Windcatcher owner […]
May 3

Islamic finance could be the answer to Africa’s growth problems

Access to finance and infrastructure funding can help Africa’s economic development journey. Islamic finance can increase access to finance and can help bridge the infrastructure gap in Africa. The G20’s German Presidency introduced a new initiative for sustainable economic development in Africa known as the G20 African Partnership. The partnership offers various tools and strategies […]